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Left and Right Hand Strength

Single Handed Sixteenth Notes

  • Hear Chart 60 bpm
  • Metronome 111 bpm  
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Constant Bass Drum Sixteenths

    set [  30  ]

=99 - 120  |   Left and Right Hand Strength   |  =4minutes

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Left and Right Hand Strength

   Drum Chart    Exercise #0   Beginner to Advanced



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Exercise Icon key

Sticking changes   Change Sticking Pattern

The exercise sticking pattern changes every 2 minutes e.g. RL to LR, RR to LL. You will hear an audio cue.

Keep a pulse with the hi hat   Hi Hat Pulse

Try to play the exercise with quarter notes or eighth notes on the high hat.

Repeat the exercise   Repeat Recommended

It is recommended to do this exercise at least 2 times, consecutively each session.

Recommended Repeats Done   Recommended Repeats Done

The recommended number of repeats have been done.


Keep all notes even in time spacing, volume level, and tone. Play for 2 min with your left-hand then 2 min with your right. Tip: Use the same stick for the right hand and left-hand so that you can aim for the same pitch (some drumsticks make a noticeable difference in pitch especially when played on a practice pad).

At beginner and intermediate level, it is highly advisable to practice this exercise at least once per day. Remember to stop and take a rest or do some hand and arm stretching if you start to feel strained or uncomfortable. This exercise provides a rapid improvement in playing ability, particularly for speed and endurance.


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