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Warm Up Leveller

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Warm Up Leveller Exercise Group

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# Exercise Name   Description Minutes Done %Progress
1Ex #5RLKK PatternBuild left-foot Stamina and Feet to Hand Coordination
2Ex #44Quarter Note RollsDouble and Single Stroke Rolls Combined
3Ex #15Rudiment Builder FDiddle-Diddle-Diddle Tap-Tap-Tap
4Ex #2Kick Drum EnduranceKick Drum Stamina and Accuracy
5Ex #6LH Only Around the KitGreat For Improving the Weaker Hand Around the Kit
6Ex #16The Full Kit RollOne Sixteenth Note Per Drum
7Ex #13Two Tom BounceMoving Around the Kit With Eighth Notes
8Ex #23Constant FlowNever Ending Triplets Around the Kit

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