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Seven Stroke Roll

Roll Rudiment

  • Hear Chart 50 bpm
  • Metronome 60 bpm  
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    set [  30  ]

=60 - 120  |   Seven Stroke Roll   |  =6minutes

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Seven Stroke Roll

   Drum Chart    Exercise #89   Beginner

Seven Stroke Roll  ROLL RUDIMENT

New Exercise - read the notes below, take your time and enjoy.

Exercise Icon key

Sticking changes   Change Sticking Pattern

The exercise sticking pattern changes every 1 minute e.g. RL to LR, RR to LL. You will hear an audio cue.

Exercise Notes      ROLL RUDIMENT

Play this rudiment with double stroke triplets and an accented 8th note. The note count is seven. However, three of those are diddles, so each new part starts with the same leading hand.

Listen to the chart to hear how the exercise should sound.


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